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Data-driven audience and market research software, for exceptional digital content

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The Intellyo Digital Marketing Audit

Research is the building block for Content that Performs. So do it right.

We replace time consuming research with machine learning to give you all the data you need to produce content that performs. And our actionable insights give you instant fixes that can boost your performance right away.

The Intellyo Online Presence Report.

See how you compare to your competitors

Discover how your core competitors perform and learn how to beat them. Find everything from traffic data to technical website performance metrics within our easy to understand report.

Competitor Traffic Share Comparison
Backlink Graph

Detailed Data on Key Performance

We collect all the data on your online presence performance, and present it in a simple, easy to understand manner, complete with areas for improvement and key takeaways.

Instant Performance Boosters

Identify quick fixes that can instantly boost your online performance by as much as 30%.

How Intellyo can Boost Your Online Performance

Performance insights

Audience-eye view

With information on bounce rates, page load times, and how your site compares to its closest competitors, we’ll show you how visitors are experiencing your site - and how that experience can be improved.

High-value opportunities

Get an overview of your market’s keywords, social activities, off-page SEO and backlink profiles, compared to your own. We’ll pick out the low hanging fruits that can be implemented instantly for high returns, and present them to you with straightforward steps

Social performance

Get an overview of your social performance, compared to standards within your industry. We’ll show you opportunities for improving social traffic, and tell you what you can do to get better results from social platforms.

Growth over time

Find out whether your growth is steady and sustainable, or rises and falls depending on specific activities. Use our insights to direct future efforts towards replicating high performance strategies.

Key Digital Marketing Metrics

What You Get

Traffic source analysis

Site performance breakdown

On-page and off-page SEO analysis

Audience demographic analysis

Audience related interests

Backlink profiling

Social traffic analysis

Facebook traffic analysis

Paid and organic search traffic analysis

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How does it work?

From basic info about you, your market and your objectives, we create a report that’s fully tailored to your goals.

After you’ve gone through our secure payment process, you can expect the final report within in 6 working days.

In the meantime, you’ll be able to reach our dedicated support team at any time if you have any questions.

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Discussing the Intellyo Digital Marketing Audit

Who is it for?

Our Online Presence Report is packed full of complex data gathered by our algorithms. But we don’t want our reports to be available to just the few who can understand the core data.

Which is why all our reports are put together so that anyone can read them and understand the insights within. That way you can be sure those valuable opportunities will be executed on.

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